Planning a Fundraising Event – Theme

Installment 5 of Planning a Fundraising Event – Theme.

Every fundraising event has a theme. The theme sets the tone and the focus for the event and inspires donors to be taken on a journey of your choosing. This means, you need to consider what the donor might like to experience. Make sure this aligns with your organization’s mission and the program that funds are being raised for at the event. Best of all, you can make this fun!

Choose Event Theme

Your donor list may vary. The kind of things they may enjoy may also vary. Are your supporters older or younger? Are they interested in a sophisticated gala or are they more interested in a game night concept? Maybe you have a bit of all types in your donor base. This can make it especially fun to try and find a theme that would appeal to those of all ages and motivations. You know your donors more than anyone else. This is a key component of donor development. 


Your donors may have different tastes, but there is no reason you can’t reach each demographic in a way that would suit them best. This is where it can be especially handy to work with your donor management system and online fundraising campaign management software. You can customize your messages to your donors differently. You can reach them in ways that will speak to them best. The event itself can also have a mix of experiences meant to tickle the fancy of all in various ways. Don’t get too crazy and make it confusing, but you can certainly place elements of fun within a sophisticated event. Be inclusive of your entire donor base as best as you can.

Don’t Forget 

Yes, the fundraising event is going to be directed at the interests of your donors, but don’t forget to put elements of your organization’s core mission and values in places where donors can be reminded of the importance of their contribution. It should resonate with them that they are giving to something far bigger than this one time fundraising goal. They are contributing to something that they value personally. Also, since it is important to target your donors using multi-channel efforts, your online engagement can also be boosted through strategic marketing specific for this fundraising event itself. Make sure your theme resonates through all platforms and efforts you pursue. Make a cohesive and impressive statement that they can’t look away from. Make them want to be involved.