Planning a Fundraising Event – Website

Installment 7 of Planning a Fundraising Event – Website

A website that focuses on connecting with your donors and encourages immediate gift collection is the best investment you can make during and after your event. Your website is its own fundraising administrator that once set up properly, can continue to serve your organization long-term. It is especially helpful when it is used in conjunction with a specific fundraising event.

Your website may be the very first introduction a potential donor has to your organization. Perhaps they heard about your organization through the promotional efforts of your event sponsors or vendors. These new potential donors will want to learn more, and likely visit your website to find out.

Make sure that your website is not only up to date, but that your fundraising event has an online campaign. This campaign should be designed to promote the event, sell tickets, and also provide opportunity and encouragement to donate in real time prior to the event, during the event, and even after the event. 

Your website fundraising platform should integrate seamlessly with your donor database. This integration will also provide you with insight into your fundraising campaign engagement, including current donor activity.



Utilizing your website to promote your event, as well as to offer an online fundraising platform, ticket sales, etc. can really streamline your organization’s efforts to track sales, donations, and cut on marketing costs. It can be automatically integrated with your current donor list and email marketing campaigns can be launched and scheduled to keep your current donors engaged. This same campaign can be simultaneously launched to numerous social media platforms to offer an even wider engagement beyond your current donor database and followers.


If they are purchasing tickets to attend, it will link them to your fundraising website page and many may choose to donate online instead of at the event or in lieu of attending the event. Not everyone may be able to attend, so it is helpful to offer them a way to engage even if they are unable to make it. Let them support you. Make this process easy for them. 

Registration Tracking

If they are attending, this is a beautiful way to allow them to register themselves for your event. This facilitates an accurate guest count so that the appropriate amount of vendor supplies are ordered. This also allows you to have annual comparisons in a clean and easy to understand format for your staff and board members to review.


This provides your supporters an easier way for them to help spread the word for you. It is a fantastic way to encourage them to volunteer without asking much of them. Some may be happy that you made it so easy for them to do something they would have done anyway. This makes their efforts easy and encourages their excitement even further. They are your best champions.


This is a great way to collect new email subscribers, donors, and attendees. Using this platform, you will automatically grow your email subscription and donor base, which will result in continuous donations for years to come. Turning first time guests into lifelong supporters is a huge component of donor development.

A website is one of the most important aspects every nonprofit needs as their public face in our modern technologically connected world. Your fundraising event efforts must also align with the ever-changing world that technology has created. Once it is implemented, you will find that it actually makes everything much easier and more accurate.