Foundation Grants List 1/8/2020

Grant Recommendations

Welcome! Here are this week’s recommended foundations. These grants will be for various types of organizations, so they may not always be a perfect fit for you. However, there will be some that are. We also offer customized grant research reports that offer grants researched specifically for your organization, provide you with all of the submission requirements, deadlines, and a researched recommended request amount so that you can put your best effort forward when you apply.

This week’s focus is on Emergency Aid Programs. Some of the deadlines may have passed, but you can keep this information for their next funding cycle.

Cal Turner Family Foundation, Inc.

The Cal Turner Family Foundation makes grants for general support and program development in the following interest areas:
  • Basic and emergency aid
  • Child welfare
  • Education (elementary, secondary, higher)
  • Family services
  • Food programs
  • Historic preservation
  • Human services
  • Mental health care
  • Performing arts
  • Religion (Christianity, Protestantism)
  • Shelter and residential care
  • Special population support
  • Youth development
  • Zoos
Although geographic restrictions are not noted, the majority of grants are made in Franklin and Nashville, TN.
An application form is required. Interested applicants should submit a letter of inquiry and request the form. Applicants should be prepared to include documentation of tax exempt status, list of officers and directors, most recent audited financial statement, internal financial statements, operating budget,and projected budget.
There is no application deadline. The Foundation does not have a website at this time.
Mail to:
Cabot Pyle
138 Second Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37201

Margaret T. Morris Foundation

The Margaret T. Morris Foundation provides support for the performing arts and other cultural programs, education, with some emphasis on higher education, youth and child welfare, family planning, medical research and education, the environment and animal welfare, and social services, primarily those benefiting the handicapped.
Other funding areas of focus include:
  • Basic and emergency aid
  • Biodiversity
  • Diseases and disorders
  • Environmental education
  • Homeless services
  • Marine science
  • Mental health care
  • Museums
  • Music and performing arts
Interested applicants should be advised that most grant awards are initiated internally by the Foundation. Letters of inquiry are accepted, but may not be responded to.
There is no deadline for submission of inquiries. The Foundation does not have a website at this time.
Mail to:
Thomas E. Polk
P.O. Box 592
Prescott, AZ 86302

Anthony R. Abraham Foundation, Inc.

Anthony R. Abraham Foundation, Inc. was established to provide funding for the following areas: health, children, youth and social services, education (elementary, secondary, higher), human services, international relief, medical research, and Christian churches and organizations.
Other funding areas of interest include basic and emergency aid, child welfare, diseases and disorders, family services, housing development, museums, shelter and residential care, and youth development.
Giving is primarily in Miami, Florida, but the grant maker has not specified any geographic restrictions. The foundation does not provide grants to individuals.
Interested applicants should submit a copy of the IRS Determination letter with a letter of inquiry.
There is no application deadline. The foundation does not have a website at this time.
Mail to:
Thomas G. Abraham
1320 S. Dixie Hwy., Ste. 241
Coral Gables, FL 33146-2937