Foundation Grants List 12/23/2020

Grant Recommendations

Welcome! Here are this week’s recommended foundations. These grants will be for various types of organizations, so they may not always be a perfect fit for you. However, there will be some that are. We also offer customized grant research reports that offer grants researched specifically for your organization, provide you with all of the submission requirements, deadlines, and a researched recommended request amount so that you can put your best effort forward when you apply.

Some of the deadlines may have passed, but you can keep this information for their next funding cycle.

W. Bradford Ingalls Charitable Foundation

The W. Bradford Ingalls Charitable Foundation makes grants to nonprofit organizations for a wide variety of purposes. Past funding has included grants made in the program areas of:
  • Assistance animals
  • Diseases and conditions
  • Elementary and secondary education
  • Family services
  • Health
  • Health care administration and financing
  • Hospital care
  • Human services
  • National defense
  • Patient social services
  • Theater
  • Veterans programs
  • Wildlife
The Foundation has not specified program areas of interest or geographic restrictions. However, interested applicants should note that prior grants made are concentrated in Florida.
Interested applicants may submit a proposal. The annual application deadline is March 1. The Foundation does not have a website at this time.
Raymond M Masciarella II
(561) 627-4448
840 U.S. Hwy. 1, Suite 340 Summit Bldg.
North Palm Beach, FL 33408-3834

Scaife Family Foundation

Scaife Family Foundation is an independent foundation. Grants are made to support and develop programs that strengthen families, address issues surrounding the health and welfare of women and children, promote animal welfare, and that demonstrate the beneficial interaction between humans and animals. Support also for conservation, and early intervention and prevention efforts in the area of drug and alcohol addiction.
The foundation provides the following types of support: general/operating support; and program development. Giving is on a national basis. The foundation does not make grants to individuals; no loans.
An application form was not required. Applicants should submit the following:
* signature and title of chief executive officer
* copy of IRS Determination Letter
* copy of most recent annual report/audited financial statement/990
* listing of board of directors, trustees, officers and other key people and their affiliations
* detailed description of project and amount of funding requested
* copy of current year’s organizational budget and/or project budget
A letter signed by the organization’s president or authorized representative and approved by the organization’s board of directors is the preferred method of initial contact with the foundation. The letter should include the above information. Additional information may be requested if needed for further evaluation.
Grant applications are normally considered semi-annually (March 1 and Sept. 1) but there is no set submission deadline. Final notification is made following board meetings. Funding is available nationwide.
David A Zywiec, President
Mr. David A Zywiec, President
Scaife Family Foundation
777 South Flagler Drive, Suite 909, East Tower
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Veterans Support Foundation

The Veterans Support Foundation aims to improve the quality of life for deserving veterans and their families. It provides grant funding to projects sponsored, supported or endorsed by the National Board of Directors, State Councils, and Chapters of the Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA).
VSF provides funding solely for scientific, charitable, and educational purposes and gives priority to matching fund projects. VSF funds grassroots start up projects that directly affect veterans and perhaps their families. Grants are scheduled for a one (1) year period and are considered for “one time or start up projects”. Projects that prove beneficial to veterans and develop a track record of providing needed services and/or performance will be considered for funding in subsequent years. 
Applications are accepted from October 1 to March 31, annually. Funding is available nationwide.