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Foundation Grants List 2/17/2021

Grant Recommendations

Welcome! Here are this week’s recommended foundations. These grants will be for various types of organizations, so they may not always be a perfect fit for you. However, there will be some that are. We also offer customized grant research reports that offer grants researched specifically for your organization, provide you with all of the submission requirements, deadlines, and a researched recommended request amount so that you can put your best effort forward when you apply.

Some of the deadlines may have passed, but you can keep this information for their next funding cycle.

The Disability Foundation

The Disability Foundation, a supporting organization of The Dayton Foundation, is pleased to offer a focused Request for Proposal for FY 2021 seeking competitive grants for organizations that provide direct services to, to people living with disabilities.

Focus Areas

Grants will be awarded to vetted community-based nonprofits and 501(c)(3) charitable organizations serving individuals living with disabilities that are focused on:

  • Direct services to individual living with disabilities
  • Expansion of Services
  • Purchase of equipment for accessibility
  • Remodeling to enhance accessibility
  • Housing
  • Lasting Equipment

Funding Information

  • An organization may only submit one grant request. The value of grant(s) awarded to the same organization may not exceed $10,000 in a grant-cycle year.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Eligible applicants include 501(c)(3) organizations, governmental non-profit agencies, and academic institutions.

Application Criteria

  • Complete the Application:
    • An electronic signature is acceptable.
    • Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.
    • Answers are limited to the space provided. Please use an 11 point font, and do not alter the format of this application.
  • Required Documentation:
    • IRS letter of determination 501(c)(3) [if applicable].
  • Application Submission:
    • Please email the completed application in Word format to Greg Darling.
    • Please email the required documents in PDF format with the application to Greg Darling.
    • Applicants will receive an email confirmation when application has been successfully submitted.
    • If there are additional questions about application, staff will contact applicants.
    • An organization may only submit one grant request for a maximum of $10,000.
    • Applications will only be considered from organizations serving people living with disabilities in the state of Ohio, with preference to southwest Ohio.
    • If organization was awarded a grant from The Disability Foundation in July 2020 for COVID Focused needs, project is not complete, and report has not been submitted, applicants may still apply for a grant in this cycle as long as it is not a continuation of the specific July 2020 awarded grant project.

Deadline February 21, 2021

Grant Size $1,000-$10,000

For more information, visit Disability Foundation.

The Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation

The Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation is seeking applications for its Land Acquisition grant program to purchase land outright and to support the protection of wildlife habitat at natural areas throughout the state. To date, Foundation grants have assisted with land acquisition at Project Sites in 51 different counties in Illinois.

The Foundation will consider projects that protect valuable natural resources in perpetuity through the purchase of conservation easements on a limited basis depending on how such projects match up.

Funding Information

  • Eligible applicants may apply for up to 80% of the direct cost of the land and up to $10,000 for restoration activities to be completed within the first year after purchase.
  • Applicants may be awarded a grant at a lower amount than requested


  • Purchase natural habitat (as opposed to parks or other open space)
  • Apply all Foundation funds towards the direct purchase of the natural habitat. Up to $10,000 may be requested to help fund restoration activities during the first year after purchase.
  • Meet the minimum transactional requirements for payment:
    • willing seller
    • agreed upon price that is equal to or lower than the appraised value. If you are contemplating a purchase that would not meet this condition, call the Foundation to discuss before applying.
    • acceptable appraisal – the appraisal’s Date of Valuation must be within 12 months of the closing date.  It must be conducted by an Illinois-certified appraiser and commissioned by the applicant organization, not the seller.

Application Criteria

  • Protect natural habitat
  • Identified as a priority for protection by a local, regional, or statewide conservation planning process
  • Connected to previously protected natural areas
  • Open to the public

Eligibility Criteria

  • 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations
  • Local government agencies serving Illinois residents
  • All applicants (nonprofits and local government agencies) are required to provide a Federal Employer Tax ID/Employer Tax ID Number (FEIN/EIN).

Deadline February 23, 2021

Grant Size $1,000-$10,000

For more information, visit Land Acquisition.

SE Uplift

The SE Uplift is seeking applications for its Community & Civic Engagement Small Grants to support projects that empower and involve community members to shape and create their communities.

The goals of the Small Grant Program are to increase the number and diversity of people who are involved and engaged in the broader community; strengthen community capacity to create change by building community leadership, identity, skills, relationships and partnerships; and increase community impact on public decisions and community life.

Funding Information

  • The average grant award is $2,000.
  • Grant requests may range from $300 to $4,000.

Project Preference

Preference will be given to projects:

  • That creates space and opportunity for everyone in community to participate by following the principles contained within the DEIA Code of Ethics. All proposals will be reviewed using Equity Lens which is based upon the commitment to correct harmful historical practices and policies as acknowledged in DEIA Statement.
  • That has strong community support and involvement as demonstrated by volunteer hours and donated or discounted services over applications that are primarily coordinated and executed by paid personnel.
  • Submitted by, or in direct partnership with, organizations predominately led by and/or involving people from historically underrepresented or underserved communities including communities of color, immigrants and refugees, low-income people, renters, people with disabilities, and LGBTQIA+ people.
  • Incorporate COVID-19 relief into the project to support programming, relief or logistical efforts that address needs in communities that are most vulnerable to the impacts of COVID-19.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The program is specifically designed to help people who have never applied for a grant before to take the next steps. No prior grant experience is required.
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Projects with fiscal sponsorship
  • Projects applying for fiscal sponsorship with SE Uplift.

Deadline February 28, 2021

For more information, visit SE Uplift.