Foundation Grants List 4/1/2020

Grant Recommendations

Welcome! Here are this week’s recommended foundations. These grants will be for various types of organizations, so they may not always be a perfect fit for you. However, there will be some that are. We also offer customized grant research reports that offer grants researched specifically for your organization, provide you with all of the submission requirements, deadlines, and a researched recommended request amount so that you can put your best effort forward when you apply.

This week’s focus is on Housing Programs. Some of the deadlines may have passed, but you can keep this information for their next funding cycle.

Big Lots Foundation

Big Lots Foundation is accepting grant applications for the Spring/Summer cycle.
Program focus areas are:
  • Providing nutritious food or meals
  • Providing emergency food assistance
  • Educating families or individuals about the importance of healthy eating
  • Preventing families or individuals from losing their housing
  • Providing affordable, stable housing
  • Providing emergency shelter for families and individuals
  • Improving healthcare through research and education
  • Providing preventative education and care
  • Providing affordable, critical medical care
  • Providing service-learning curriculum that aligns with education standards
  • Promoting servant leadership through academic and experiential learning
  • Improving classroom learning outcomes through innovation
The Foundation accepts requests only from 501(c)3 public nonprofit organizations where the corporation operates stores, distribution centers or the corporate office. Priority is given to projects that have a Big Lots associate actively involved. 
The Big Lots store locator can be found here, so you can verify if your organization is located near a store:
Please review the guidelines carefully. There are types of organizations that will not be funded, including individual K-12 schools, and public service agencies.

Georgia-Pacific Foundation

The purpose of the Georgia-Pacific Foundation is to help create and fund programs and initiatives that add value to, and measurably improve, the quality of life within the communities where Georgia-Pacific employees live and work.
The Foundation primarily invests resources in four key areas that are essential to creating and sustaining strong communities: Education, Environment, Community Enrichment, and Entrepreneurship.
More detail on the focus areas:
* Education
o Job Training
o Literacy
o Scholarships
* Environment
o Clean air, Clean water, recycling
o Environmental Education
o Land Conservation
o Resource Conservation
* Enrichment
o Affordable Housing
o Arts and Culture
o Community Safety
o Employee Volunteerism
o Youth Enrichment Programs
* Entrepreneurship
o Youth Entrepreneurs of Atlanta
o Market Based Management Courses – Colleges, Universities, Non-Profits
o Women and Minority Entrepreneur Programs
Interested applicants may complete an online eligibility quiz. If your program meets the initial criteria, you will be invited to submit a full proposal.
Requests are reviewed on a rolling cycle throughout the calendar year. Due to limited funding at year-end, submission by October 31 is encouraged.

Helen V. Brach Foundation

Helen Brach Foundation’s charter provides that it should operate for the following purposes: charitable, educational, literary, prevention of cruelty to animals, prevention of cruelty to children, promotion of music, arts and theater, religious and scientific. Funding is made in the specific program areas of animal welfare, arts, children services, education, environment, higher education, housing, human services (supporting people with disabilities), and youth development.
The foundation provides the following types of support: annual campaigns; building/renovation; conferences/seminars; equipment; general/operating support; program development; publication; and scholarship funds.
Giving is on a national basis but is focused in the Midwest, and California, Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania and South Carolina. The foundation does not make grants outside continental U.S. The foundation does not provide support for political organizations. The foundation does not make grants to individuals, or to organizations with less than one year of budget history.
The foundation does not make grants under $5,000. Applicant’s prior year expenses must have been at least $50,000.
Interested applicants should initially submit a letter of inquiry with a copy of the IRS 501(c)(3) determination letter. An application form is required after invitation.
The application deadline is December 31 (earlier is preferred). Final notification is given in March and April. The foundation does not have a website at this time.
Mail to:
John P. Hagnell
104 S. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1310
Chicago, IL 60603