Government Grants

Organizations with well-established budgets and strong funding history who are seeking a local, state, or federal grant will find our service to be perfect for their needs.

All programs include:

– Research

– Document Collection and Preparation

– Verification of eligibility and any potential issues that may prevent award

– Narratives, Budget Customization, Application Preparation, and Reports

– Outreach as Required

– Seminars as Required

Government Grant Package

Your dedicated grant writer will write one local, state, or federal grant for your organization. This program includes:

  • Grant Readiness Resources
  • Grant Readiness Document Preparation
  • Budget Customization Assistance
  • Grant Research
  • Grant Proposal Preparation and Submission
  • Grant Submission Reporting
  • Grant Report Follow-Up
  • Reports for your Board of Directors
  • Ability to stop and start service as necessary
  • Promotion page on Zemii Media & Publishing

Additional development consulting in relation to fundraising strategies, donor procurement, and other aspects directly related to your fundraising needs are offered as a separate consultation service for $100 per hour on an as-needed basis. Grant Management is offered for a $1,500 retainer and billed at $50/hour.

This program is designed for one-time government grant applications.

Pre-Screen Call and Review of Materials
$200 for initial call and review of the complete application to verify eligibility and any potential blocks preventing an award.

Preliminary Work
 $5,000 Initial collection of materials, review of current materials, creation of missing materials, and client interview or review of previous applications to collect information for the grant. Client Information Form may be required to be completed by client.

$5,000 – $10,000 Narrative creation – depends on length required. Customized quote upon review of the application.

Customized Budget(s)
$2,000 – $5,000 depending on the number of budgets and complexity of the application’s forms. Customized quote upon review of the application.

$2,000 Includes the uploading of additional documents that were not narrative or budget driven. Completion of forms required for submission. Final submission.

$5,000 – $10,000 depending on the number of pages required and the complexity of the report required. Customized quote upon review of the application.