Nonprofit Services

Hiring a professional who knows foundations, how to manage a nonprofit, as well as what foundations are looking for in a nonprofit in order to facilitate funding is what every nonprofit should focus on in their grant writer search. We offer more than just writing. We ensure you understand what it is you need to do as a nonprofit in order to qualify for grants and can help you properly establish the right protocols and foundational facets in order to be a fully functional nonprofit that would attract donors.

Nonprofit Basics: Starting and Funding

This book was designed with our clients in mind. After serving more than 300 nonprofit organizations ranging from schools, hospitals, animal shelters, homeless shelters, orchestras, choirs, international aid organizations, film, organizations saving major natural resources, and many more, We have seen the full spectrum of behaviors in the nonprofit world. This book covers the key elements that any organization needs to start and fund a nonprofit as well as key factors to remember as their organization grows. These are the fundamental ingredients for nonprofit success.

This is an ebook with hyperlinks to numerous resources. This is a must have for any new nonprofit just starting out or for nonprofits who feel that they need support in their current challenges. 

Organizations with well-established budgets and strong funding history who are seeking a local, state, or federal grant will find our service to be perfect for their needs.

All programs include:

– Research

– Document Collection and Preparation

– Verification of eligibility and any potential issues that may prevent award

– Narratives, Budget Customization, Application Preparation, and Reports

– Outreach as Required

– Seminars as Required

New Nonprofit Grant Packages

Nonprofits With Budgets Under $300,000 (New or New to Grants)

If you are a new nonprofit or an emerging nonprofit that has not yet received grant funding, one of our New Nonprofit Grant Packages might be what fits your current organizational needs.  If you have only received a small number of grants or feel that you could use budget assistance, this is also a viable option for you.  To order, click the heading. To download a PDF for your upcoming board meeting, click below:

Mid-Level Grant Packages

Available to Non-Profit and For-Profit Entities

Organizations with well-established budgets, strong funding history, and a history of receiving grant funding who are seeking a regular grant writing team to prepare submissions for you will find our Mid-Level Grant Package is the right fit. Packages only vary by number of grants submitted: 1, 2, or 5. To order, click the heading. To download a PDF for your upcoming board meeting, click below:

Grant Review Service

Wish to have a professional review your own grant applications before you submit? Take advantage of our very economical grant review service. This service offers editing and review of your pre-written document with detailed notes and suggestions for you to implement prior to submission.

We review:

  • Grants and grant templates
  • Proposal reviews
  • Program designs
  • Messaging for your next direct mail appeal
  • Your next e-newsletter
  • Website copy
  • And more 

Business Plans

Comprehensive business plans for your non-profit or for-profit business.

Press Releases and Blogs

Need ongoing writing support for your social media, blog, or press releases? Customized packages available.