Mid-Level Grant Package – 4 grants



One time grant submission – 4 grants

Mid-Level Grant Packages 

Established Nonprofits – Budgets over $300,000

Organizations with well-established budgets, strong funding history, and a history of receiving grant funding who are seeking a regular grant writing team to prepare submissions for you will find our Mid-Level Grant Package is the right fit for you. Packages only vary by number of grants submitted.

All programs include:

– Research

– Document Collection and Preparation

– 990 Research on the Foundation’s Funding History

– Master Proposal, Master LOI, or Online Application Preparation and Reports

– Foundation Outreach as Required

– Foundation Seminars as Required

All packages include the following:

Grant Readiness Resources
Grant Readiness Document Preparation
Budget Customization Assistance
Grant Research
Grant Proposal Preparation and Submission
Grant Submission Reporting
Grant Report Follow-Up
Reports for your Board of Directors
Ability to stop and start service as necessary
Additional development consulting in relation to fundraising strategies, donor procurement, and other aspects directly related to your fundraising needs are offered as a separate consultation service for $100 per hour on an as-needed basis.
Tracking and follow up of all grant funding usage
Managing and implementing a grants management system
Providing grant follow-up reporting for grants written by other writers