Research and Education Services

Book and Research Editing and Ghostwriting

Customized packages available for those seeking to have a complete publication produced or edited for publication. 

Curriculum Design

Curriculum designed for online learning. Please inquire for more information.

New Nonprofit Grant Packages

Nonprofits With Budgets Under $300,000 (New or New to Grants)

If you are a new nonprofit or an emerging nonprofit that has not yet received grant funding, one of our New Nonprofit Grant Packages might be what fits your current organizational needs.  If you have only received a small number of grants or feel that you could use budget assistance, this is also a viable option for you.  To order, click the heading. To download a PDF for your upcoming board meeting, click below:

Mid-Level Grant Packages

Available to Nonprofit and For-Profit Entities

Organizations with well-established budgets, strong funding history, and a history of receiving grant funding who are seeking a regular grant writing team to prepare submissions for you will find our Mid-Level Grant Package is the right fit. Packages only vary by number of grants submitted: 1, 2, or 5.